Humble Beginnings

My Aching Head....

Dear Diary,

Wow my head hurts. These flyboys (and gals) really know how to stock a party with booze. Right — I’m just remembering it was their 10th anniversary of being a — what exactly are they? A hunting club?

I know I haven’t written in a while, so diary, I should start from a couple of weeks ago…

My comrades Mandork and Rowwwwem — I’m not sure how to spell her name; but that’s the sound she makes — and I were investigating some foul play at the Three Squires Inn when we were confronted (surprised?) by a suspicious elf named Hydrab. Wait — Hygard? Hybird? Hyrmar? Honestly, I don’t exactly remember his name. The elf-tongue may be a little too subtle for the likes of a simple soldier like me.

So: Hybrid seems to be a good enough elf and joins us in our investigations under the Three Squires.



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